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5.0 completed on October 9, 2019

Reviewed by Claire R. for SueAnne Boyum

Monroe, WI
SueAnne was both prompt and knowledgeable with our loan. She seemed genuinely invested in our best interest and guided us to a set-up we are more than happy with.

5.0 completed on September 19, 2019

Reviewed by Brittany P. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne is too notch. She was very responsive and attentive to our needs. She made this process so painless, I highly recommend her.

5.0 completed on September 18, 2019

Reviewed by Ashley B. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne was exceedingly helpful throughout the process of refinancing our property. She went above and beyond, no matter where she was, she'd answer our calls and she'd answer all of our questions. And we had a lot of questions! She got to know us and learned what it was that we were really looking for, what it was that we needed before we even knew it ourselves. When we are ready to buy our dream home, SueAnne will absolutely be the first call that we make!!

5.0 completed on September 11, 2019

Reviewed by Tyler T. for SueAnne Boyum

Fort Atkinson, WI
Overall great experience, highly recommend!

5.0 completed on September 9, 2019

Reviewed by Jessica R. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne - has EXCEPTIONAL customer service skills. Her communication is top-notch and she truly cares. Please give SueAnne a HUGE raise or bonus, she is amazing!

5.0 completed on September 9, 2019

Reviewed by Jessica P. for SueAnne Boyum

Arena, WI
SueAnne was very helpful in getting us the best loan program we could. She is very pleasant to work with and was easy to get in touch with. We were in constant communication at least once a week during the loan process.

5.0 completed on September 4, 2019

Reviewed by Dawn L. for SueAnne Boyum

Briggsville, WI
Sueanne is one of those people that are natural born miracle workers in the world of loans. She knows how to overcome just about any obstacle that can come your way when trying to get a loan or refinance your house. We recently had the pleasure of being her clients. I will always recommend her to anyone. She is genuinely awesome at her job, yet very professional and personable. We appreciate everything she did for us. If Sueanne can't make it happen, no one can!! Thank you for everything!!

5.0 completed on September 3, 2019

Reviewed by Carol B. for SueAnne Boyum

Cross Plains, WI
Very responsive, helpful and fast!

5.0 completed on August 31, 2019

Reviewed by Paul B. for SueAnne Boyum

Cross Plains, WI
SueAnne was everything you could hope for and more. Proactive, humorous, personable, and communicative. She was always 100% available and took the time to know us and our transaction. Very happy to have her help us through the process and will use PHM, and SueAnne specifically, if we purchase a home again.

5.0 completed on August 17, 2019

Reviewed by William M. for SueAnne Boyum

Waupaca, WI
SueAnne is a dedicated mortgage professional and it was a pleasure to work with her. She is detailed, clearly letting us know what documents were required. She routinely updated us and kept us informed as to where we were in the process and what to expect next. And, she is diligent in promptly returning calls, emails, and texts---the few times when she was not immediately available because of other commitments, we received a text or email letting me know when she would get back to us. Kudos!

5.0 completed on August 13, 2019

Reviewed by Taylar E. for SueAnne Boyum

Muscoda, WI
She worked all night to ensure that everything was done on time. Was reachable via phone or email anytime of day. Response time for questions and updates was very quick. Was able to find a loan that worked and made sense for our particular needs and goals. Will be recommending to all my friends and family.

5.0 completed on August 12, 2019

Reviewed by Hakeem B. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne was great, very responsive, found errors and corrected the errors in our documentation either hours later or the next day. SueAnne made the home buying experience less stressful and she was a pleasure to work with.

5.0 completed on August 2, 2019

Reviewed by Kathleen M. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne is so sweet and supportive . She was always available when I needed her and always had time for me. Her behavior is very professional and she was quick and knowledgeable when I had questions. My experience with her was awesome and now I have a new friend on top of it !!!😀

5.0 completed on August 1, 2019

Reviewed by Rebecca P. for SueAnne Boyum

Dodgeville, WI
SueAnne was very patient with us. She worked hard on getting us a good refinance rate. She went out of her way to make sure details were covered so that the refinancing could go through.

5.0 completed on July 17, 2019

Reviewed by Daniel H. for SueAnne Boyum

Portage, WI
Very patient explaining everything to me as a first time homebuyer! Thank you!

5.0 completed on July 13, 2019

Reviewed by Michelle H. for SueAnne Boyum

Portage, WI
SueAnne goes above and beyond for her clients. Buying a home or refinancing has so many stresses but I never once questioned if SueAnne knew what was the best route for us. She knows what she’s talking about, she handled the hiccup in our transaction beautifully and kept us updated and aware of all options at all times. SueAnne is a professional but remembers the human side of business.

5.0 completed on July 5, 2019

Reviewed by Jeanne L. for SueAnne Boyum

Dodgeville, WI
SueAnne was very quick to respond to my emails and questions. This was the first time I had re-financed and she made it painless!

5.0 completed on June 17, 2019

Reviewed by Nancy K. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne made all of my transactions easy. I felt at ease knowing that she would quickly answer any questions I had—I knew she had my back! Many, many thanks again SueAnne!

4.8 completed on June 7, 2019

Reviewed by Aaron N. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
Everything went smoothly from beginning to end, they were very helpful with any questions I had andexplaining things that were unclear. Very happy with the overall results and the communication throughout the process was excellent!

5.0 completed on May 14, 2019

Reviewed by Eric K. for SueAnne Boyum

Madison, WI
SueAnne was responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. She helped us through the sometimes confusing loan process and now we have bought our first house!


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